Project background
“People” is a hunter and rancher. Recently, “People” was boring and went to the yacht club every day. “People” is distressed because he united people to participate in the bid for the U.S. Constitution to fail. But there are enough decentralized DAO, people once again unite together. A lot of celebrities followed “People” to raise about 40,000,000 dollars. After the failure, some people chose to return ETH, but some people chose people tokens. Even though they were failed in the centralized world, but they won in the decentralized world.
One day, a cuttie chick was chased by an eagle. “People” saw it, and he threw the bottle on his hand over to the eagle. Then, the chick was rescued and kept on his farm. People live alone and the farm is very big. So the chick became a good friend of People. Before “People” and chick knew each other, the chick had a special old friend Akita. At that time, they had no way to solve the problem of food and clothing, so they were starved every day, but a lot of kind people helped them. So the chick said to itself that if there is a chance behind them, it will repay the Akita and people.
People’s hometown is in the Kingdom of ETH. He now lives on a farm and it is large, comfortable, and convenient. The Kingdom of the ETH is often congested because there are so many people. “People” and chickens agreed: he will take the chick back to his hometown and view the beautiful landscape in the ETH Kingdom.
After a long time, the chicks grew up and hatched a lot of chicks. Chicks => eggs => chicks => eggs … In less than three years, 9,000 chicks were spawned from a chick. “People” gives the chick freedom and the chick brings wealth to “People”. In order to manage the chicken, when each chick was born, he would print the birth number of the chicken and a special mysterious word on the chicks’ stomaches. This unique word will help “People” identify a chick’s identity when it runs to someone else's home and take it back.
Unfortunately, the eagle that was hit with a bottle by “People” was annoyed because one eye was blinded by the bottle. Her children were also angry, but they knew fighting with “People” and revenge is extremely hard. During these three years, eagles watched the people and chicks’ movement, but they weren't so anxious to revenge. Their team was growing and strengthening and waited for the chick's team to grow because it will be hard for “People” to keep every chick’s safe.
On 1 January 2022, the Eagles amassed a team of 1,000 Eagles, officially launching a revenge tour of the chicks and People. The war is about to begin...
That day People came back and saw the chick’s dead bodies, a field of chick hair, and broken eggs on his farm. When the eagle saw People going back, they immediately retreated. but their first revenge was very successful, many chicks and eggs were hunted and stolen by the eagle. The chicks were also helpless and “People” were sad. He must come up with a better way to resist this war ...
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