EagleGame is a decentralized NFT Game. Every NFT can be seen and discovered in this game and this game gathers a bunch of people who love NFT and metaverse. This is a DAO. Everyone, like an individual, artist, metaverse lover, and art lover, can be the host of EagleGame, and everyone interested in EagleGame can be the participant and contributor.
The eagle game is an innovative NFT+gamefi+dao Metaverse project based on the bsc chain, the project combines the story background elements of people+shib+wolfgame+sand, and will continue to add other quality elements into the game, holding chicks and eagles NFT can achieve earn while playing, Version 2.0 will introduce land NFTs, Akita dogs and hunters to help the chicks fight against such high taxation agreements and truly create a decentralised dao game kingdom.
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