What are the advantages of the game.
Eagle_chick Game is an NFT risk protocol with novel token economics. It demonstrates the possibility of interaction between the ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocols. For the first time, your NFT can steal other NFTs (ERC-721 tokens) for you. The rarer your NFT, the more tokens you accumulate. eagle_chick game pioneers a new type of NFT mechanism. Completely decentralised. No roadmap or empty promises. Just a game in the Metaverse that can be played at launch.
Q&A 2:
Why this technology is novel
The time is ripe to explore protocol-level risks in NFT. Many projects are implementing stake-to-earn, but not cracking the code for users to make choices when faced with risk.
In the world of Eagle_chick Game, your NFT can steal ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens for you. It's brand new.
Everything in Eagle_chick Game happens on the chain: the decisions, the results, the generation of the NFT itself. It is divided into 4 different smart contracts so that anyone can read through it and understand how it communicates with each other.
There are many technologies in these contracts that make this possible while maintaining accuracy, reducing gas costs and staying within the EVM contract size limit.
Constant time algorithms and DeFi maths.
Many contracts use architectures that require a large number of cycles to complete a task. These make contracts inefficient and increase the cost of gas. It is important to eliminate the need for things like searching arrays or traversing bets. This means that you can do things like unlimited simultaneous bets while keeping it cheaper.
For example, the minting contract uses AJ Walker's aliasing method to efficiently select features in constant time.
Another example: tracking Eagle_chick Game $EGG revenue (taxes) proved to be very complex and required the maths used by the DeFi liquidity pooling protocol.
100% on-chain.
Not the first, and certainly not the last. But as long as the blockchain is running, your chicks and eagles will survive. Always available, always yours. Your features and all the art exist in the contract itself and nowhere else.
User interface at start-up.
You can use the entire Eagle_chick Game by interacting directly with the blockchain. but Eagle_chick Game introduces a custom UI that makes it easy to enjoy the game on day one.
To sum up...
With Eagle_chick Game, everyone can play according to their level of risk ...... pay tax? Stay liquid in the market? Take the opportunity to keep all your $EGG but have the chance to lose it? The choice and this game must be fascinating.
The eagle preying on the chicks feels almost like a similarity to the NFT community itself: a select few among us all who have aLpha, with many others following close behind.

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