how to play
1.0 how to play
Eagles and chicks and People have launched a battle over the $egg and chicks on the BSC chain. Each chick on the farm can earn a decent amount of $egg on the farm. But when chicks is not on the farm, the eagle not only can snatch the eggs but also kills the chicks when they are born or leave the farm. Once the chicks leave the farm because of mischievousness, they will be in great danger. In the end, “People” can only unite more people to fight with the eagles. The war took a long time. Eagles, chickens, and people are injured. To solve the problem, people plan to sign a mysterious document with the Eagles that they have been discussing for a long time. The chicks only know a few things about the document.
1.All chicks leaving the farm are likely to be hunted by eagles
2.Chickens can't hatch $egg when they leave the farm To stop the war, people will give 20% of the chicken's eggs to the eagles.
The chick will be hunted by the eagle when it was born, and the eagle was left behind and allowed to be hunted by the people. The war was quelled for a while by this 7,603-word agreement...
2.0 how to play
Guess what agreement People and the Eagles signed! This 7603-word agreement makes the chicks tired and helpless. They prepared for a long time and seems to have action. They want to get their land and want to bring in new friends to resist the Eagles, they want to sign a new decentralized agreement, they are born for the centralized … Therefore, their fate, who will decide???
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